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2-Phase Step Motors

For more than 30 years we guarantee highest quality and precision for our high precision step motors with flanges from 20x20 mm to 86x86 mm. Depending on the step motor, a maximum holding torque of 0.017 to 10.2 Nm and a full step angle of 0.45°, 0.9° and 1.8° are offered.


What are Step Motors?

The step motor is not to be confused with the very similar synchronous motor or the servo motor. In contrast to these motor concepts, the step motor is much easier to control and does not normally require position detection.

Principle illustration:

A step motor consists of a fixed housing (stator), which holds the coils (also called winding), and the rotating rotor. By applying and switching off a voltage to the various windings, the position of the rotor can be changed precisely.

The smallest change in position is called a single step. The step angle as well as the torque can be defined by different design characteristics.

How precisely can step motors be controlled?

Our step motors have a step angle of 1.8° to 0.45°, which corresponds to 200 to 800 steps per revolution. However, this value can be increased up to 10000 steps per revolution by adapted operating modes of our electronics. For the exact specifications of step angle and maximum step resolution, please refer to the respective data sheet.


20x20mm and 28x28mm for high precision positioning tasks, e.g. in biomechanics, medical technology, laser technology, optical applications, in compact handling devices, in electronically controlled microscope stages which enables more compact device designs due to their slim design

42x42mm very many applications, smaller XYZ applications e.g. milling or engraving machine, nautical devices, laser technology, optical applications, medical technology, infusion machines, blood pumps, analysis & dialysis applications, laboratory applications, for high precision applications also with flanged encoder for position recognition or for the construction of close loop systems

56.4x56.4mm widely used step motor, medium XYZ applications, milling or engraving machine (with brake for the Z-axis) medical technology, packaging machines, sorting machines e.g. for chutes controlling flaps, width adjustments, general mechanical engineering, special machine construction, printers, scanners, bank card feeders, parking machines, for high-precision applications also with flange-mounted encoder for position detection or for setting up close-loop systems

60x60mm as for 56.4x56.4mm, additionally: the motors can be mounted on the mounting hole of the SECM26... motors. Since the motors of the HECM26... series are about 50% stronger than the SECM26... series, the torque can be increased without any problems by exchanging the motors. In high-precision applications, the motors can also be equipped with a flanged encoder for position detection or for setting up close-loop systems.

86x86mm larger XYZ-applications e.g. milling or engraving machine, general mechanical engineering, special machine construction, motors are often mounted on the outside of the device, therefore the version with terminal box is very advantageous here, because here the user can connect his own cable. This cable can then be oil-resistant or very flexible, for example, to lay it in drag chains when, for example, an axis on which the motor is suspended is moved back and forth.

20 mm 0.014 - 0.034 Nm

28 mm 0.075 - 0.14 Nm

39 mm 0.046 - 0.05 Nm

42 mm 0.1 - 0.93 Nm

56.4 mm 0.4 - 1.95 Nm

60 mm 1.15 - 3.3 Nm

86 mm 3.7 - 10.2 Nm

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