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On the completely new redesigned Homepage, which can now also be used by mobile device, you will find a large variety of Step Motors and Accessories. The Step Motors selling from stock, have a flange of 20x20mm to 86x86mm (Nema 8 to 34), and a maximum Holding Torque of 0.017 - 10.2 Nm. The Full Step Angle is, 1.8 °, 0.9 °, 0.72 ° or 0.45 °. The Step Motors are also available with 1-3-stage Planetary Gears, electromagnetic Brakes, Encoders and Terminal Boxes. Step Motors find their application wherever something has to be positioned precisely with adjustable speed, for instant in Medical Equipment, Precision Applications, Mechanical Constructions, Laser Technology, etc. To operate the Step Motors, different Power Drivers with up to 10,000 Steps / Revolution, 0.5A to 10A Phase Current and a supply Voltage range of 24VDC to 130VDC are available. Meaningful data sheets as well as STP and DXF files are available for download.