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Electromagnetic Brake provide for a sudden power failure, the position, such as the Z-axis is maintained in order to avoid damage to the tools and workpieces. Our Power off activated brakes BRK26H generate the maximum Holding Torque 3.3 Nm, by use of a compression spring. The Supply Voltage is 24V DC. They are mounted on the rear-shaft of the Step Motor.

Brake for 2-Phase Step Motor HECM-Series

Technical Data of the Brake  BRK26H            
Supply Voltage 24 VDC
Power 9.5 W
Brake torque max. 3.3 Nm
Resistance 47.3 up to 55.8 Ohm   
Weight 0.45 kg
Model Length incl. Brake Torque
HECM264... -B 75.6 mm 1.15 Nm
HECM266... -B 86.1 mm 1.82 Nm
HECM267... -B 97.1 mm 2.35 Nm
HECM269... -B 117.1 mm 3.30 Mm