2-Phase Step Motors 20 mm – 86 mm | Holding Torque 0.014 - 10.2 Nm
Driver Electronics 200 - 10,000 Steps/Rev. | 24 VDC - 130 VDC | Phase Current 0.5 A - 10 A
Planetary Gear ratio = 3 - 512 | Motor Flange 42 mm - 86 mm
Motor Accessories Step Motors with Terminal Box | Electromag. Brake | Encoder
5-Phase Step Motors 60 mm – 86 mm | Holding Torque 0.42 - 6.3 Nm

About us

The Company EC Motion GmbH supplies for more than 25 Years, the European Market with 2-Phase and 5-Phase Stepping Motors. We also offer Step Motor Driver Electronics, Planetary Gear Boxes, Stepper Motors with Encoders, Stepper Motors with electromagnetic Brakes and Stepper Motors with Terminal Box.

Total Solutions such as, Shaft Modification and/or Connector Assembly belong to our strengths as a competent consulting, either by Telephone Service or through our Sales Engineers.

Our Stepper Motors are EMC tested and CE marked. We ourselves are audited annually by TÜV and we are DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified. If you have any Questions about our Products or need a Quotation, call us or send us a Message with your Questions.